Web based Forensic laboratory and project management SYSTEM

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We can offer you our web based laboratory and  project management system without any major upfront cost. Test drive our demo applicaton for free. Contact us for the login information  



CNS Software Features

“Dunlop NDT is a non-destructive testing and inspection firm that utilizes CNS (Central Nervous System) daily. CNS serves as an essential project management tool located at the core of our business.  CNS is customizable and we have received excellent customer service and additional development as needed. TE Global has always been responsive, friendly, and most importantly trustworthy.

Training and downtime required to learn the system are minimal resulting in administrative savings. As a small firm this has proven invaluable.  CNS contains easy-to-use modules easily modifiable, ensuring we could meet our clients ever-changing needs. From reporting features allowing document uploads, time & expense tracking, to easy-to-create work orders and invoicing, I recommend CNS to companies requiring project management and tracking software support.“ Amanda Dunlop – President & CEO 


  • Project Management and Forensic Laboratory Software
  • Upload documents, assign employees
  • Track time and expenses and upload receipts
  • Expense tracking, includes expense reports, approval and reimbursment management
  • Evidence management and creation of chain of custody
  • Create barcodes for evidence and storage locations and use barcode scanners to transfer items from location to location
  • Client database
  • Create invoices on customized layouts
  • Create Work orders
  • Personalized reports and invoices are available upon request